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I tried sugarbb and you will not believe my story!!

Oct 092019


Well here I am, a 50-year-old lawyer with very little free time on my hands. I tried regular dating sites but of course, because of my schedule I wasn't able to meet often and this only brought me trouble. So I stopped for a while and focused on my work as I always do.

A month ago a dear friend came to visit me from California; we went out for lunch and I asked him if he wanted to meet after work for dinner and surprisingly he said he had other plans. He said that he thought I would work until late and he didn't want to be a bother.

I was disappointed but also intrigued since he has no friends here in Miami. So I asked with whom if I might know? He smiled at me and said I am meeting a girl for dinner and drinks. Of course, that was not good enough for me. So I asked; and where did that girl come from, you haven't mentioned her before.

He smiled again and said, she is my bb I met on sugarbb. I was in shock, my friend on a dating site, Wow. He continued by saying you should try it! Spend some time with a beautiful girl without the hazard of the regular dating.

Women want to meet successful men like you and me; they are young, beautiful and you can have a great time when you are free.

Keep on talking my friend, I am all ears I said.

Well, you choose the one you like from many others and start communicating through the dating site, if you think you can be a good fit, you set the time and place to meet. Of course, she will want something in return for her time and how far you want to go, but trust me, it is worth it. I have done this several times since I am always traveling and it has worked for me perfectly well.

Wait, and what happens when she wants to see you again? He looked at me and said; if you are asking me about drama...there is none because you speak about what you want and need upfront and so will she.

Ok, it sounds too good to be true but I will try it.

1 week later I joined and started talking to Diane. A gorgeous Canadian, 35 years old with an amazing figure. Besides being attractive, I found her funny, smart and sweet. We met, had an amazing time and we have been together for 1 year now.

There was never a conflict, I accepted her terms and she accepted mine. We get along perfectly well without the pressure.

I found my sugarbb and I am very happy.


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